Nicholas Cambridge
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Nicholas Cambridge - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1968

My Outward Bound Story
My two Outward bound courses at Ullswater (four weeks in 1968 and an advanced two weeks course in 1971) gave me self confidence, ambition and an enjoyment of sport and adventure. I was sponsored for my 1968 course by the Ministry of Defence when I was an apprentice in HM Naval Dockyard Devonport.
At Ullswater I vividly remember the early morning runs to the lake and jumping in to the cold water naked (apart from plimsolls for decency sake), the obstacle course, the solo expedition, rock climbing and the three day expedition. Our patrol, Mummery, collected 121 points out of a maximum of 120. How did we get the extra point you may ask? Well we polished the bell and you might say that this rings true!
The highlight of the advanced course in 1971 was the three day canoeing expedition from Lake Ullswater to the Solway of Firth in two man kayaks.
After completing my apprenticeship and getting a place at Kings College London in 1970 to study for a degree in engineering I decided to change careers and take up medicine. I started at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1971 and qualified as a doctor in 1977.
I have kept myself fit over the years and have enjoyed many sporting activities including Captaining a Ten Tor’s expedition, the London Marathon and several Triathlons. I also completed a 165 mile walk, which raised £2000 for charity.
I am now retired and at 61yrs of age run three times a week and compete in 5k races with my 21 yr old son and 50 yr old brother.
I feel that my experiences at Ullswater gave me a strong foundation in life and an inner strength and belief in myself which has proved invaluable.