Niamh Horan-Buchanan
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Niamh Horan-Buchanan - Loch Eil, Scottish Highlands, 2011

I am Niamh Horan Buchanan and I went to outward bound loch eil on the 21st to the 25th of November 2011

Immediately after receiving the incredible news that i was selected to attend a 5 day adventure in outward bound loch eil, i found myself stuck in front of the computer for days reading the outward bound website. I was ecstatic that i would be given the opportunity to participate in such a trip.Taking part in an outward bound course allows a person to develop strength in the process of overcoming weaknesses and i knew this was just the right thing for me.Putting myself far out of my comfort zone allowed me to experience one of the greatest and most challenging moments of my life.It seemed that the challenges got more harder for me each day but by the help of my instructor David Buckett i steeped out of my comfort zone and completed every activity.I didn't know i was going to love it so much and i miss it everyday. I endured an experience like never before.It has changed my life in so many ways.when i was at outward bound i discoverd that i was good at listening to everything My instructor Dave and others in the group had to say, i also felt that my confidence got better in outward bound and now at school and when i was at outward bound i got much better at believing in myself.When i was doing the activities i felt i was getting more confidence each day, i was scared but i put it behind me and got on with the activity.

The moment on the course i am proud of myself was when we done the tree climbing which was called Baby G, i could not believe how scary it was when i was climbing it because i was scared of heights and it was really high but by the help and support of my team and instructor Dave i slowly but surely made my way up and down the tree.I could not believe how proud i was to achieve this goal and i am now no longer scared of heights.

I learned that I can honestly do anything i set my mind to, I thought that before outward bound i would be too scared to do anything, but now i am 100 percent confident i can.What i learned about my clan was that everyone offered something amazing to the clan.People can do anything they set their minds to do

I would love to come back to Outward Bound in the future because i loved it so much and i would also love to work in outward bound loch eil in the future and i hope it all comes true.

Outward bound was amazing i will miss this part of my life forever. I have amazing memories that i will remember for the rest of my life.This has defo been the best experience of my life, i would like to thank every member of outward bound staff for one of the greatest adventures of my life but my biggest thank you is to my instructor David for everything, he has showed me the real me, he has changed my life forever, I am now more confident than ever before, I have now learned to work as a team and i have inproved my communication skills. Dave has got to be the kindest and most helpful person i have ever met.

Thank You
Posted: 28/11/2011