Neil Kier
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Neil Kier - Aberdovey, Wales, 1972

I think I was at aberdovey in 1972or 1971 I have a few great memories on a two day hike up a mountain the wind was so strong it blow me over a fence and it was freezing the truck we traveled in reg TNT when absailing into a cave I hit my knee on the roof of the cave I thought this would get me of going into the outdoor pool the next morning not a chance I was caried down to the freezing pool and thrown in lol when canoeing I turned over my canoe before I new it I was in a car driven back to the centre and put in a hot bath they really looked after you and one night a few of the boys went into the town thinking they wouldn't be missed think again on returning the officers were out searching for them some got found including my friend the four weeks was a blast thanks Neil