Mohammed Saleh
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Mohammed Saleh - Aberdovey, Wales, 1963

First day, we went canoeing. I fell into the water three times in October. The fourth time, I sat straight in the canoe, and not moving, afraid of capsizing for the fourth time! So I let the boat keep going while my team were shouting for me to come back!
The boat ended in the sea till my instructor arrived and towed my boat back. Eventually, I learnt canoeing till I became top of the team. Now I am praying that some of my team mates can get in touch with me as I remember all the faces but due to old age, I cannot remember the names of any of them. I hope someone can brighten my day and get in touch with me which would be really great.
In the picture attached, I am sitting on the left side of the instructor in the middle, wearing black shoes.
I was in the course of October, 1963.