Michael Thurman
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Michael Thurman - Aberdovey, Wales, 1962

As I was too young at the time to attend Warsash School of Navigation, they asked me to do a month at an Outward Bound School.
I arrived at Aberdovey school on 25 Feb 1962 (I believe) after having my last cigarettes on the train (!).
I decided that, as my sister had a pony, I would take as my main subject, pony riding. Little did I know at the time that saddles would not be used, but just a blanket separated your bum from the pony's bony spine !
Three things I do remember vividly :-
a) having a gallop above the school and our watch captain falling off, wrapping himself round a telegraph pole and breaking his leg just above the knee !
b) breaking the school record for the javelin (length of bamboo with a metal point on it).
c) climbing Cader Idris in the middle of March and then diving into a lake as it was so hot - we, of course, came out rigid !
All in all, it was a most enjoyable experience.

Mike Thurman
Feb - Mar 1962