Matthew Cowap MBE
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Matthew Cowap MBE - Aberdovey, Wales, 1949

Now in my 81st year, I made a very nostalgic return visit to Aberdovey on 1 Oct 2013. Almost 65 years had passed since I attended the 81st Course in Feb 1949 but as I walked (limped) up the drive the years fell away and 1949 seemed like only yesterday. I stood before the flagpole where I had hoisted the flag on my first parade all those years ago and I was 16 again. I wondered where my old friends and colleagues were now and wished them well.
We were greeted and welcomed by the Staff, I am grateful to all for their kindness and sorry to have missed Sharon who had arranged the visit but was on holiday.
I enjoyed my visit and left sadly, all the more so for knowing that this time I would not be leaving to join the Blue Funnel Line and those wonderful ships, Talthybius, Sarpedon, Clytoneus, Peleus and more.
I wonder if there are any other survivors of the 81st course?
Best wishes to all.
Matthew Cowap.