Mark Adams
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Mark Adams - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1974

As a very young 16year old , 26 days away from home was a new experience for me, i was nervous ,extemely shy and not a great was along way from home too, i felt that for a few days.
We had great instructors who showed little sympathy for my rather childish concerns and helped me move on extremely quickly, home was forgotten and new challenges undertaken.
sea canoeing, sailing across the Moray Firth and then down through Inverness and onto Lochness and finally stopping at Fort Augustus have been life changing experiences for me, walking and camping in the Cairngorms again shaped who i became, spending 24 hours alone in a forest with no food and little shelter and no watch, shaped who i became, Rock climbing and abseiling sadly confirmed a life long fear of heights!!
Orienteering , runs in the morning,cold showers in the morning all bring back positive memories ,i became a team player and a natural leader in later life ,All of this i attribute to Outward Bound .
I vividly remember arriving home after those 26 days and being told by my father that i had left as a boy and come home a man it wasnt of course quite true but i had an immense feeling of pride and a feeling of acheivement.Today i live not so far away from Burghead ,sadly the centre is no longer there but it doesnt matter it will always remain with me.
Any young person today who has any doubts about attending a course ,take it from me, you will never regret it and you will look back on those days as some of the best of your life, i know i do.