Marion Ward (nee Copsey)
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Marion Ward (nee Copsey) - Rhowniar, Wales, 1971

I've been searching for a course that might appeal to my daughter of 23, who loves adventure and who would benefit from some personal challenges to build her confidence. Any course would do well to rival my outwardbound course that boosted my self confidence and which, by the end of the week of challenges and teamwork made me feel invincible. I felt I could tackle any task or challenge set for me in the future and amazingly that feeling has always stayed with me. It definitely brought out the best in me.

I went on to be Deputy Head Girl, and eventually had a very successful career in the Fire Service.

I attended a weeks course in February, 1971. I was the only pupil who attended from my school, Copleston Secondary School for girls. It was the week the English currency changed and the week that raised my confidence in myself for the future.

I remember so many positive things about that week. I met girls from all over England, Wales and Scotland. One girl was so home sick she wet the bed. One girl stepped off a kerbstone and broke her ankle, which seemed absurd when we were doing what I saw as very dangerous activities such as abseiling,tree climbing with ropes and canoeing.

One girl always applied full make up and false eyelashes every day in front of the mirror, singing the same song, before facing her challenges.

We worked as a team and shouted encouragement to a girl who froze when she had to walk from one plank to another high up in the trees. She had to do it because she was part of our team and without her we were doomed - she eventually succeeded with help from the instuctors - all of whom were great.

Whilst abseiling one girl was nearly at the bottom when she unhooked her harness and landed on the shoulders of an unsuspecting army cadet !!! No injuries -just loads of laughter.

Flapjack and Kendal Mint Cake, dormitories and washing up - all great memories.

Many thanks for a week that helped mould my future.