Malcolm Wood
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Malcolm Wood - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1957

In 1957 my firm sent me on the Outward Bound course at Eskdale, number 76 from the 14th Oct to 9th Nov. The Warden was John Lagoe. The first photo is of my patrol – Shackelton, I think.

As a young lad from Leeds I hated my time there. But it must have left a good impression on me, as a year later I was climbing in The Lakes. I have spent many, many hours, days and months since then climbing and now it is only old age that prevents me from the high fells.

My sons started walking and backpacking from an early age. In fact, we have stayed in the same hut as I did on a couple of occasions! So my time there left its mark on my family also. We still walk as often as we can.

Posted 08/01/2013