Malcolm Sawyer
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Malcolm Sawyer - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1967

I was a young police cadet at the time, three stories come to mind.
1) We were on a mountain range, that had a lot of slate/shale, because of the weather we also had ice picks with us. One of our team, a little Welshman, lost his footing and started to roll down the mountain side, until he managed to turn and go head over heels, his ice pick dug in and he was upside down waving his arms and legs about, the team were in stitches.
2) Final treck for silver Duke of Edinburgh's award, it was raining below us, it was snowing above us, so we pitched tents in the middle - woke up next morning having to chip the ice off.
3) Volunteered to be patient and tied into carry stretcher - big mistake, it was more scary than climbing down.