Lydia Harvey
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Lydia Harvey - Ullswater, The Lake District, 2011

my outward bound experiance was amazing. my faverate part was when we reached the top of scarfelle pike on our last two day expedition. personaly the hardest bit for me was the fell run at the end of the three weeks. it was 5 km and i was the first girl in my group to finnish. i was so proud. the thing i miss the most is the jog and dip in the morning, waking up at 6, outside for half 6 then doing our exercises and run befor we jumped into ullswater lake every morning..... well every morning when we wasn't on expodition. i miss my instructors saying. "its not rocket science". the funny thing was he actualey had a degree in in it. i made so maney good friends and pucshed myself to the very edge when we went in the tunnels and went caving. this was hard for me because i dont like small spaces. although i was scared i did everything put in front of me including the cheese press witch was a small space we had to shuffle through in a cave at ingleton. i got my outward bound classic badge which i still where every day. the best expireance of my life so far.