Les Cunningham
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Les Cunningham - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1973

Was a 16 year old junior soldier from oswestry , remember having to give a 5 minute talk on any subject to rest of course on any subject and remember how embarrassing it was for me , I remember circuit training on sandy beach every morning basically moving rocks , I remember doing lots of push ups everytime I swore , I remember being in a blizzard in Aviemore and being rescued by a ski patrol , I remember my instructor a psychopath called ray button , I remember the freezing times learning to sail on a cutter in burghead harbour , I remember using a ice axe and climbing ice , canoeing in gordonstoun , runs on sandy beach , putting frozen boots on on expedition in mountains first thing in morning , and spending a night in isolation in some snowy forest , when I look back want to do it all again a brilliant time of my life