Leonard Phelps
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Leonard Phelps - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1960

I attended Outward Bound Eskdale, Course number E102 dated May 30 to June 25 1960. I was a Police Cadet with the Bedfordshire Constabularary. We were required to choose a project to teach us how to be confident. Myself and another Cadet named Dave Restall, chose an Outward Bound Course. We were required to submit a report of our experience and to keep a daily Logbook of activities. I was in Scott patrol and forget the name of my instructor. I recall that we reallly pushed ourselves to go beyond our expectations, which we did. I remember having a cold dip under the "wimsy" from the cold mountain spring first thing in the early morning in the buff. What a shock to the system to wake up to!! I successfully completed the course ending up with an Award of Merit Badge which I still have along with my Certificate and the Outward Bound Eskdale Booklet. It was one of my most memorable experiences ever and I still remember what an impact it had on me for a lifetime. I highly recommend it to any young people. It will benefit you more than you could imagine and definitely enhance your confidence and esprit de corps.