Kish Gohel
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Kish Gohel - Aberdovey, Wales, 1972

Originally, my friend and I wanted to go to Outward bound as part of Gold medal Duke of Edinburgh Award, in which I completed Silver but not quite completed the Gold.

As it turned out at the time we could not go together, as was the original plan. This was due to that fact that I had a major operation on my leg in 1964 when I was 16. The award bodies Doctor declared that because my leg was still weak I would not survive the strenuous course.

To cut a long story short, the following year (1972) my surgeon who operated me re-examined me, as he did frequently, and said I was fit to go; that he would take full responsibility if anything were to happen to me. So that was that – I received conformation to go!

I must say it was not easy as I had thought, and although I was taxed in some things I survived (with positive thoughts!). I made it to the final ceremony and was very proud to get my Outward Bound certificate.

My surgeon proved the doctor wrong.

The discipline I learned while on the course I still use every day e.g. keeping the house clean - I am now a very tidy, disciplined person. Furthermore I have learnt to overcome fear, have a sense of confidence in everything I do, and respect and believe in the true values of life.

The training was tough to say the least, and to a young man seemed almost like army training! I recall camping by myself with no tent on Dartmoor with just a sheet of plastic, and jumping into river at 80 feet height.

My experiences on an Outward Bound course taught me the discipline to challenge myself in lots of things later in life; University, acquiring a professional status etc.