Kenneth Robertson
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Kenneth Robertson - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1956

Glasgow schoolboy goes to Burghead in February 1956.Great experience cycled to Advie and hiked back to Burghead. Few days later another watches expedition was lost in the snow in the hills. Everybody went on search including the Gordonstoun bloodhounds and rescued the party.Loved Burghead so much I bought the Commercial Hotel on the main drag and raised my family there, staying for 16 years,getting to know so many wonderful people including the fishermen who risked their lives day in day out. Unfortunately the successive goverments have decimated the fishing industry so much so that there is only three skippersin Burghead and four in Hopeman including my son in law who now scrapes a living due to the diabolical red tape which he has to endure.Now retired in Lossiemouth which now has only four skippers left and the government want to close the RAF base having already put the Kinloss base on death row.Will close by saying if it had not been for O.B Moray I would not have had the good life I subsequently enjoyed.