Kenneth J. Morris
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Kenneth J. Morris - Aberdovey, Wales, 1944

Recollections of Aberdyfi 1944 (October)

Early morning call for 6 o'clock run, cold shower, hearty breakfast - Bacon! Butter! Eggs!

Classes - Seamanship. Physical Training for Awards. Tuition in evening with Dr. Zimmerman to gain extra distance in javelin throwing.

Stormy voyage in ketch 'Garibaldi' - everyone seasick except me, had to eat all the meal cooked by self. Skipper 1 mate taking it all as if normal. Landed in Criccieth, ashore in Ships boat, better conditions on return trip.

Mountain hike, fog came down when halfway, made it to checkpoint with ten minutes to spare.

Gained Silver Award.

Joined Royal Navy one year later. O.B. experience great help adjusting to naval routine.

Joined Union Castle Line after demob. Joined Royal Mail Lines later.

Still have lapel badge awarded after course at Aberdyfi.

K. J. Morris

(Note: Mr Morris kindly posted us his recollections and we have published them on the Generations website with his permission.)