Ken Woad
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Ken Woad - Aberdovey, Wales, 1957

I attended the OBSS in Aberdovey in the 1950's. I don't know the Course Number but believe it was February 1957 when I started an Deck Apprenticeship with Shell Tankers.

Here is a photograph of the members of Jellicoe Watch at the time. (I am second from the left on the back row). I can associate with many of the comments made by other people including the early morning cold showers, marching in to Aberdovey to the 'enjoyment' of the locals and jumping into a blanket from what seemed like 100ft up during fire fighting training. I do remember our watch leader getting us lost up Cader Idris in the middle of some sort of blizzard with us all well kitted out in jeans and cycling capes!!!

I do remember my time at Aberdovey with great fondness and although we were kept very active all day I do recall that I put on 11 lbs during my time there - I guess I must have been underweight when I arrived. I think I came away with a white and blue badge at the end of the course. The colours I believe were significant but can't recall what they meant – can anyone throw any light on this?.....
Posted 10/09/2014