Keith Walker
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Keith Walker - Aberdovey, Wales, 1946

I went to Aberdovey as a prelude to joining Alfred Holt, Blue Funnel Line as a seaman. I do not remember the exact date but I think it was very late in 1946, the weather was terrible with thick snow and ice. We had to do a run in the early mornings then get a cold shower after knocking the ice of the shower heads. Then it was lessons in seamanship by officers of the Blue Funnel line together with plenty outdoor exercise. led by a Mr Zimmerman I think it was.
We did lots of sailing,rowing etc, there was a sailing boat there called Garibaldi in which we did longer sailing trips.
Field trips where done climbing round Cader Idris in the middle of winter.
We where there for four weeks but if I remember we were stuck there longer because of bad weather snowing us in.
I have never been back to Aberdover but obviously have fond memories.