Keith Hindley
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Keith Hindley - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1963

G-day guys,
I'm the one far right top row in the photo.
I was at Ullswater in 1963 U83 team and I have to tell you I'll never forget the fantastic time i spent there.
I was born in Manchester in the old terraced houses and life was tuff,not just for money but in general. But all that changed after Outward Bound.It was the first time I was given a leadership job to do and also to take orders from the leaders of the camp, and I saw how things go much better when you work as a team.
Today I live in Australia and have done since 1975.
I am retired now after 26 years as the National Sales Manager of a large German company Wurth Australia.
I still spend a lot of my time in the outdoors doing bird photography and travel all over Australia in my Toyota Troop Carrier. A lot of my photos are used in books and magazines but I don't charge for my photos because its so good to share the pleasure I get from taking them and the places I see to find them that its satisfying to share.
If you would like to see my photos just go to
Keith Hindley.
I hope you enjoy the photos and remember if you want your kids to grow up with a better outlook on life and the world send them to Outward Bound.

Keith Hindley (posted 26/11/2009)