keith frank dawson
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keith frank dawson - Aberdovey, Wales, 1966

I remember getting on the train at scunthorpe solo and as we got near to wales the train was boarded by more and more outward bound lads and we all got together by the time we got to aberdovey there were quite a few of us when the train came to a halt we all got off to be greated by instructors and they were stearn and said march to the centre anyway we all setled in and went to our dorms they were wooden huts at that time they were clean and we had to keep them so as they were inspected every morning early i was voted leader of jelico watch our watch for the week i remember talking among our selfs at night in the dorms and we all told of all our inner thoughts mine was my dad died 1 yr ago and never realy told anyone before this did me good wwe were all a good team i remember the sun rise over the estury in the mornings was very impresive also the climbs at the sea caves and rocks and the pack lunch oat cakes the best ever also the mine trips and ladder pitches in the mine this i think put me on the path to caving instructor tthat i am now and am now 58 yrs old and dont do that much caving now but am still young in my head remember mr vos the instructor if you did any messing around he gave you press ups well i was good at them si it didnot bother me we did have trouble as there was a foot and mouth outbreak at that time the outward bound is a grand thing and thats what got me going in the outdoors its great and am still active myself caving climb dive etc all the best to all the lads who go there they will get thest instruction and everlasting memorries and hope they pass them on as i have done in my instructor times.