Karl Reed
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Karl Reed - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1984

I was at Eskdale from August - September, 1984 Course E-331.
Without all of the details, i can tell anyone that outside of having my 3 boys was one of the most life changing endeavours I took part in. The confidence i gained, the memories of challenges i was able to overcome are second to none.
Highlights or most memorable moments, plod and plunge every morning, the 24 hour solo, the first night out in the hills and in the morning jumping off the bridge into ice cold water from 15t ft up and was not able to breathe, the 3 or 5 day expedition, ropes course, parachute jump, team building challenges, carrying one of our members off the mountain a number of miles after he broke his leg, the fell run, riding the miniature train back to Eskdale station at the end of the 3 weeks with sadness and tears in my eyes for the memories and connections i had made with total strangers i had met 3 weeks earlier.

I think back and still have so much pride, sense of achievement and appreciation of what this experience gave to me.

I would encourage anyone and everyone at any stage of their lives to have an Outward Bound experience if possible.
You will never regret it.
Those 3 weeks are forever in my Heart.

Karl Reed - E331