Jonathan Ruscoe
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Jonathan Ruscoe - Aberdovey, Wales, 1964

As a 17 year old Police Cadet I was sent by the Devon Constabulary to the Aberdovey sea School held between 10 Oct -4 Nov 1964. I still have my personal log book and photo of the 12 of us in my watch. Our instructors were a Mr Brown and a Mr Bresnan. Reading the log book now the only negative comment I wrote related to the rather tedious lectures given by the Station Master a Mr Jones on first aid! Otherwise I enjoyed every second, even the cold showers and horse riding (which was my chosen specialility).
After leaving Aberdovey I joined an outdoor activity group (Operation Dartmoor) which conducted children on walking trips to Dartmoor and became its leader for several years.
I endured the Police force for five years before pursing a career in Social Work from which I retired after 35 years. To say Outward Bound set me up for life would not be an exaggeration and to this day would say it was probably the best month I ever experienced because of the comradeship, adventure and leadership I experienced. Many thanks for the memories.
Jonathan Ruscoe