Jonathan Elabor
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Jonathan Elabor - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1979

Outward Bound Course E281; Nansen Patrol: We were the most disparate and desperate, rag-tag bunch of individuals as has ever likely been lumped together in an Outward Bound Patrol (or any other group for that matter), yet we won the overall course-long team competition...!!!

If ever an example was wanted to underscore the fact that, by pulling together, twelve completely different individuals can be dragged well out of their comfort zones and overcome almost anything that's thrown at them, our team was it. How we all got over 'The Wall' we will never know.

Most vivid memory: four of us at 3am in a floorless, 2-man, A-frame tent (the other having been shredded by the gale-force winds) trying to shelter from a storm, with a mini river running through our sleeping bags!
....but we survived and, more importantly, all 96 of us on that course attained our 'Blue Peter Badges'!

Never to be repeated, never to be forgotten.