John Vernon Sharp
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John Vernon Sharp - Aberdovey, Wales, 1944

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John Vernon Sharp! 5 December 1926!
Outward Bound Sea School!
I am now 93 years old and have very limited sight and hearing. My memory is fading but I am keen that my "Prince Louis" be seen by those who may remember her.

I first attended when I was 16 - in 1943. I also attended Course No 31 aged 17.7/12 from 22 July to 17 August 1944 when I was Watch Captain at Aberdovey. I still have my paper record of this trip. I believe I went again in 1945 as well but have no paper record.

I remember being on board Prince Louis but we did not get much sailing done due to the poor weather. In fact we remained at anchor in North Cardigan. I used my time to measure the vessel as best I could. I would have made notes and sketches but these have been long lost.!

Once home I made the model. The wood for the hull was sourced from the NIFE Battery factory in Hunt End, Redditch where my father worked as the Company Accountant. All the rest of the model was made from scratch materials. I did give the model a bit of a revamp some years back but it is in need of some attention particularly to the rigging. However it is all there.!

One memory of the Outward Bound experience was our troop marching through town, being watched by the local girls - this caused much amusement on both sides!

John Vernon Sharp
Wandsworth, London
June 2020