John Niblock
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John Niblock - Aberdovey, Wales, 1948

Attended Co.No.77 prior to signing Indentures with Alfred Holt & Co.;first ship s.s.Rhesus,a coal-burner built in 1911. sailed on November 1948 on Voyage 77 as Midshman to the Far East;progressed as Uncert.4th..Mate, Extra 3rd Mate, 3rd Mate, 2nd.Mate,
1st Mate & eventually Master, a long haul but worth it in this first class company; the 4 weeks spent at Aberdovey was the best holiday I could have wished for as being brought up in a rural area by the sea & from a seafaring background, boating, hiking up mountains, etc.was the icing on the cake; the cold shower in the morning was the only new experience & one I didn`t wish to repeat in later life!! retired in 1987 & was involved with RNLI, Communiy Council, Sailing Club & Church Board;experienced the riots in H.Kong, Singapore & Indonesia when the British Embassy was burned down; now leading a very sedentary life sea angling, sailing & salmon fishing.