John Nerding
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John Nerding - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1964

My second visit back t0 Eskdale since my 'life changing' time there and a huge thank you to Sharon Heally & Graeme Shilland for spending so much time tracking me down to Slingsby Patrol, course E138 all those years ago. Now at the age of seventy three, it turned out to be quite an emotional visit, as it made me realise how much that January month in Eskdale, all those years ago changed my life; Now retired with time to think, it wasn't until revisiting, that I came to realise the full extent of just how much Eskdale had contributed to my proffessional success!!! I did try to speak with some attendee IT Managers and quite interested to see their disitnterested attitude to someone trying to pass on their experiences, no doubt similar to what mine would have been at the age of eighteen!! Hopefully they will also learn?