John Michael Robinson
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John Michael Robinson - Aberdovey, Wales, 1947

I joined from HMS Conway,where I was undergoing a two year course prior to joining the Merchant Navy.
Conway provided 25 cadets for each course,but,sadly this was discontinued shortly after I attended.
My Course was the 100th in November/December 1950.
My hut,if I recollect correctly was Jellicoe,several fellow Conways mingled with others from all over the UK.
Used to the discipline,maintained with a ropes end on the Conway,and food that was somewhat basic,we thought we were in heaven,this was not shared by the remainder of the intake.
First introduction was the early morning showers in a hut at the base of a cliff,with the water being fed direct from a mountain stream,with no heating attached. Time under the water regulated by stop watch and seemed interminable,but it certainly woke us up.
In turns we all did a trip on either Warspite or Garibaldi lasting six or seven days. My turn along with several others was on Warspite,with Alan Villiers as Master -he later took the second Mayflower to the United states. Memories? seasick at first,but rapidly acclimatised. Anchored one night off a local pub,and Cadets nominated to carry Captain and Chief Officer ashore on their shoulders through the surf. I am now six foot,but then around five foot five,so escaped this duty,as I would probably have been totally submerged. Later they had to be picked up after closing time,when all got soaked.
On leaving at the Aberdovey quay marched back to the camp with the road appearing to move under my feet.
Numerous field sports and runs and expeditions culminating in a callenging march -25 miles I think,over Cader Idris,with several check points to ensure we did not cut corners, Eventually rejoined the main road south of Aberdovey and entered local hostelry,but espied several of the Course Staff therein and hastily decamped
A thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience.