John Michael Brook
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John Michael Brook - Aberdovey, Wales, 1950

I was serving on HMS Conway at the time I attended Aberdovey course 95 (May/June 1950)
I was vice captain of our hut which had a wide age range.
We cruised on the sv Warspite and it was the cruise where we were changing the winter sailing rig for the summer rig. I spent much of the cruise up the mast but escaped cleaning duties.
Our mountain hike was undertaken on a very very hot day and the sun remained on our right hand side throughout the day. Our route was by train to Fairborne, walk up the ridge to Cader Idris summit and southwards from there. we had two quite young lads in 'my' team and they suffered with both the heat and the distance; encouragement by the more mature members of the team got them back to base in less than the average time.
I obtained my silver, and I believe that I broke the 5 mile walk record in my first ever walking race.
We had a great 'hut' and whilst we didn't finish first over the whole course we did very well and everyone was very proud of their achievements
One still vivid recollection was the morning nude dip in the sea, and having to race back into the water when the commuter train passed.
I completes a full career at sea becoming Master for some 15 years before retiring early.
The course was highly enjoyable for everyone, and it must have been most beneficial to us all.