John Highton
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John Highton - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1965

May June-1065
At the time I was a Police Cadet in the Lancashire Constabulary, based at their police headquarters at Hutton, near Preston. I was very lucky to be selected to go on an outward bound course and was given the opportunity to choose which one I could go to. Because I was in the Sea Cadets at the time and loved sailing I chose to go to the Moray Sea School.
Like most youngsters of my era I was very fit and found the challenges at Moray not easy but within my capabilities.
My love of the scottish highlands was created at this time which led me to hike hundreds of miles of the west coat mountains up to my early forties. A love which I have never lost.
The main challenge that I did have on the course though was the sailing expedition that we made from Burghead to Nigg bay across the Moray Firth. Due to no wind on the outbound leg we had to row the cutter in shifts all the way across to Nigg Bay. The following day on the return we were heading into an increasing north easterly wind which built up during the day to the point where we had to be towed in like a line of ducklings back the 4 or 5 miles back to Burghead. I remember never having been as cold in my life and the meal we enjoyed that evening had special memories. I remember also as the course progressed there was virtually no plates left empty as our appetite increased as the physical activity increased.
I particularly remember Mr. Williams being a very good individual and often wonder what happened to him and if he is still with us.
These events took place in what to me was a completely different world without much of the health and safety /litigation environment. and all the more enjoyable for that. Compared to some of the scottish lads on the course I must have appeared from a priviliged background although I know I certainly was not. The tales that they recited to me about the Glasgow gangs going out on the town with meat cleavers and big knives still stick in my memory.
I then moved on to become a Police Office with Lancashire Constabulary leaving when I was 23 years of age to pursue a more positive career as a building surveyor. Now retired. I still sail, fly small aircraft which I have done continuously since I was 25 years of age and also Hike the mountains.
Happy days as they say and they still continue.
I am number seventeen on the back row in the big group photo
and number 3 on the back row in the small group photo.