John Boaden
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John Boaden - Devon on Ashburton, 1963

I remember travelling from Nottingham to Devon and was in awe of the surrounding countryside. It was a bad winter and the moors were snowed in; in some places 30' of snow. We spent a lot of time carrying supplies across the moors to farmhouses etc., and sleeping in barns and snow caves. Great fun.

I also attended Aberdovey, travelling by train to Penhelig Station, in 1966 as a temporary instructor and took part in climbing, canoeing and off course hiking. We climbed Cader Idris twice but never saw off the top! We went potholing somewhere nearby and went through sumps etc., as there had been a lot of rain; in some parts of the caves the water was chest high. Again great fun and working with a lot of good people. As instructors we also had the odd beer late in the evening at the Penhelig Arms in Aberdovey.

Both were wonderful experiences and I recommend it to any young man, or woman.