John Axworthy
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John Axworthy - Aberdovey, Wales, 1973

Abetdovey March 1973 and yes I still remember “plod and plunge” first thing in the morning
My month in Wales has remained with me all my life and even now I recall events that happened with friends and family. Following on from Aberdovey I married and raised my children but always loved outdoor activities, I became a qualified climbing instructor, formed a climbing club which introduced people of all ages and abilities to climbing, built climbing walls in schools and mobile walls that could be taken to infant and junior schools and eventually became a Personal Trainer working with youngsters. I have a great belief that physical health is a great producer of good personal and mental health for all ages
All this stemmed from my experience at Aberdovey and I really believe the the Outward Bound credo is as important today as it was 1941 when it was set up
John Axworthy