John Anderson
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John Anderson - Aberdovey, Wales, 1957

I am just sitting with my I pad browsing through OB alumni web pages when I came across a story posted by Ray Timms in April 2017 where he talks about the rescue of two sheep dogs who had fallen over a cliff on Cader Idris in March 1957 and how after attempts by others to rescue the dogs the farmer called on OB school at Aberdovey to try. I was one of the other boys, I remember Ray Timms and PO Jones but not the other two boys in the party. Although now 61 years ago I can remember quite clearly the whole adventure. Iwas the one who climbed down to the ledge where the dog was stranded. In order to get the dog to safety I asked for the rucksack which had our ropes in to be lowered down to me I managed to get the dog inside the rucksack and then climb with the rucksack whilst Ray and the others pulled from above successfully getting the dog to safety. The farmer was very grateful and us all back to his farm house and fed us a huge meal of freshly cured ham. John Anderson