jerry (jeremy) grandage
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jerry (jeremy) grandage - Aberdovey, Wales, 1957

I was at Aberdovey Outward Bound in August 1957 - Beresford watch. Others in the group were Jeff Wilkinson, Fos Hedley, Pat Simmons, Ron Price etc. Our leader was a Mr. Osmand, who I think was from the Army.

In hindsight I look back on the 26 days as time very well spent. The course introduced me to mountains and walking and the like. I've been in Australia since 1964 and the great outdoors has been a crucial part of my life - rockclimbing, bushwalking, crosscountry skiing, distance running, and travel to out-of-the-way places. I've combined this with an engineering career and family.

Outward Bound gave me much to remember - the 4-day expedition in the hills behind Aberdovey, the trip on the Golden Valley, and above all the climactic day when we walked over Cader Idris etc. I recall us battling our way up Foxes Path in wet and windy conditions. It was 'character building'. And I surprised myself by running 2 miles fast enough to be given honours for the event. Then there was the fire drill when I suffered a broken nose when I was one of the blanket holders and a jumper jumped out too far!

The discipline was strict and there were many challenges. But it all seemed to be for good reasons, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!