Jeanne Barsby
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Jeanne Barsby - Aberdovey, Wales, 1987

T this moment, the hardest challenge is answering your request to tell you what effect my course in May 1987 at Aberdovey had, and may still have on me!
The course was for older people, I was in my fifties, I loved the course, loved the activies, eg absailing etc, that I had never done before. I suppose the thing that I learnt most of all was that team-work is essential in everything, and that certainly came across on the course, and from the people that I had the pleasure to work with, and even suffered with.
I would love to tackle again some of the things that we did at Aberdovery, but with a husband who refused to allow me to bungy-jump in New Zealand a few years ago, I don't suppose I ever will. Best wishes to you all for what you are doing, just keep encouraging the young.
Jeanne (Born 1931)