Jay Downs
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Jay Downs - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1977

I was an Outward Bound Student in the United States in 1975--at the Minnesota Outward Bound School. A lasting impression was made.

In 1977 I became employed at the Minnesota Outward Bound School. During that time I met a man named Dave Rowe who was a regular instructor at the Eskdale Outward Bound Mountain School. That winter I made my way to Eskdale and was able to assist an instructor named Terry Hubble with a course.

I returned to Eskdale in 1980 and worked for a time as a temporary instructor, making unforgettable friends among the staff and students.

Outward Bound did for me what it is intended to do for all. It helped me grow. I became more confident in what could be done with hard work; I became a better team member and my love and respect for the outdoors increased.

Thanks to all, both students and staff, who helped me along the way.

Jay Downs