james norman
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james norman - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1964

Another story from Jim Norman -permanent Instructor at Ullswater in the sixties. There was a story - some more serious than others - on every single course but never any bad memories.. The floods of 1963 when much of Borrowdale was underwater. We were at final expedition time and all the telephone communications were down at the school and the only telephone connection we had was the call box at Pooley Bridge. That was my base perched on a stool with a canoe tied to the box! I was from here that I received and gave instructions - mobile phones, never heard of them!! It all went well and the expedition was completed successfully ,but the devastation that we had to help to clear up afterwards was desperate. Again another even which one will never forget.
I have just completed a book about my first course way back in 1963 - buy iy, read it - support the Outward Bound. Please, please let me have your comments, JIM