James King
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James King - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1972

OUTWARD BOUND LOG 1972 On Monday April 17th

I Arrived at Elgin at 1.15p.m. and the lorry came at 3.20pm. and took us to Morgy Out Bound school. Then we were put in to dormitory and got the beds ready and then we had supper at 5.45pm then we went to bed 10.30pm On Tuesday 18th in the morning we had a medical and photographs taken of us.

In the afternoon we had seamanship which is sailing a cutter then we had Map reading then we had a cup of tea at 9.00pm then we had to go to bed at 10.30 Wednesday 19th we had swimming and then we had camp Cruft which was about how to pich tents and to make sure that the primass worked Thursday 20th we had Map reading and then got the things Which we would need for the three day training expedition in the calngonms and Ben Mcodui especially when there was 6ft of new snow on the top and we had to use ice axese alot In that expectation we got bake on Saturday 22nd 5.15pm and at 7.15pm we had to clean up, after that we had First aid again on thec23rd we had church and then we had cross-country run from 2.15pm to 5.00pm, then we had a canoeing talk 7.15pm to 9.0opm then a cup of tea and then went to bed at 10 30pm.

On Monday 25 we started at 8:30 a.m. with swimming doing life saving then we went to the sea and practice during canoe capsizing and the water was freezing then at 2:15 we had seamanship which was sailing at cutter then we had a sale took at 7:15 p.m. which was about all the things which you need and have to do in a cutter