Ivor Murrell
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Ivor Murrell - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1963

I was sent to Eskdale in May 1963 by the British Sugar Corporation, as a reward for good work. It didnt seem much like a reward during the first few days, I thought I was fit, but Eskdale showed me otherwise. In the photo of course E132 group, I am the only one with a beard, front row, extreme right.

I was asked to make up the numbers for a small group taking the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award, so had to do a four day final exercise instead of three days. Up to that point the weather had been idyllic, but then cold intense rain was added to our programme. I like to think I helped the group along, they all got gold, but of course I didnt even get cardboard.

Outward Bound showed me how to approach a problem, and how to lead others to get things done. It was an eye opener that has served me the rest of my life.

I sent both my sons to Outward Bound, my oldest son Jamie went to Eskdale in 1986 ( I think that was the year) and Rupert went to Fort William within a couple of years. I have also encouraged several parents to give their children this life enhancing experience over the years.