Ian Cook
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Ian Cook - Aberdovey, Wales, 1944

After becoming a Watch Captain at Aberdovey I was accepted as a Midshipman with B.F. in December 1944 serving through the ranks up to 2nd mate when I left to join Straits Steamship a subsidiary company, as Chief Officer for six years.

Was then offered a position as Pilot with the Penang Pilot Association. From then on served forty two years as Pilot and Harbourmaster in five ports in three different countries, Malaysia. N.Z. and Saudi Arabia. Retired as Harbourmaster/Pilot in Gisborne New Zealand in February 2001 at the age of seventy four after a total time of fifty six years in the maritime industry.

I have since written a book , 'Those in Peril' , which is now in print and should be launched in January next. I attribute my success in my career to the start I got with Outward Bound and having served with Alfred Holt $ Co..

Yours faithfully J.W. (Ian) Cook.