Hannah Creer
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Hannah Creer - Aberdovey, Wales, 2014

I attended this outward bound trip an extremely different person i left . This amazing 8 day trip brought the best out of me. It showed me and made me realize my strengths and weaknesses, it helped me realize that when i put my mind to something i can do it, it changed the way i think about things that their isn't always just one way at looking at something and that sometimes it's best to take a step back, observe the situation and then try again, question is there another path i could go down which possibly could turn out better? If you have a negative mind set then your never going to be able to do what you are trying to achieve but if you can manage to change that negative mind set into a positive mind set then you are more likely to complete that challenge and ACHIEVE what you set out to reach. Instead of saying i can't do it say "I can't do it YET!" This course is the best thing anyone could attend and it has certainly change me for the better. Thank you so so much for the opportunity and Dylan and Kate i miss you so much, you where great with every single one of us and we all had the time of our lives thank you