Graham Mealand
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Graham Mealand - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1956

Memorable experiences at Eskdale were immediate,maybe even on the first day when we walked locally and stopped on a bridge over a rapid mountain stream far below. "Jump" was the command- into that swirling water rushing between rocks, so with eyes closed we jumped, well most of us.
Later it was time to spend our first night under a bivouac sheet with air conditioning guaranteed. A fine evening, a breathtaking sunset, what could go wrong? Sometime as we slumbered it rained, hard- and a stream burst through the wall we pitched against, rousing us in our wet mess of belongings. What to do? Tell the governor perhaps? "Go back to sleep" he retorted "and sit on your upturned rucsacs 'til morning" (Those were the days when bags had a steel frame outside so sit we did)
Oh, and have I mentioned the' three in one hobs' we had to hammer into our army boots when we arrived at Eskdale? Happy days never to be forgotten.