Graham Maclean
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Graham Maclean - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1965

Somewhere I have some photographs that have the course date etc, however one thing that stood out was when Drake Watch were to do their spell on the Prince Louis and instead of going north we spent the three days in the Moray Firth with a film crew on board. The film crew kept asking for volunteers, pity the three who had to demonstrate the morning drill which involved getting out of two sleeping bags running on deck throwing a bucket and heaving line over the side and tipping the full bucket over your head. The rest of the watch thoroughly enjoyed it.
Part of the trip involved going to Invergordon to take aboard, for a visit, Kurt Hann the founder of Gordonstoun school. Commander Gunn Cunningham was in command. We brought the elderly gentleman on via a bosun's chair and a yard arm.
Three years later I was invited back with about 50 others for a special 'experimental' course which took us to Cape Wrath!