Geoffrey Smith
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Geoffrey Smith - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1963

Course Ref: E136 - October/November 1963
Was one of ten members of Slingsby Patrol with Mr Charlie Boyd being our patrol leader.
Members of this Slingsby Patrol were, Peter Officer, Peter Spencer, Geoff White, Bob Johnson,
Terry Pearson, Norman, John, Mick and David sorry no surnames for the last four.
The various activities of rock climbing, expeditions, map reading open me personally to life and was to survey in many situations along with being sensible when out in large hills/mountainous areas.
One a day of mountain climbing we where arrange to carry out a stretcher rescue to be advised that the centre was a back up to the Eskdale Mountain Rescue
During the course we had a visit form Sir John Hunt which was a bit apt as at the time I was on my silver sector of the Duke of Edinburgh's award.