Geoff Wright
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Geoff Wright - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1950

Hi guys,

I was tracking my grandson’s progress – he’s circumnavigating the country anti-clockwise in a 41’ Westerly Ocean yacht to build up sea miles towards the RYA Oceanmaster qualification and should be passing Burghead on his way to Inverness – their next port of call – and was reminded of the time I spent at the school, especially the ‘Spewy Louie’ that still smelt of a Dutch grain ship! And the rather unique flushing arrangements in the heads, which – for the unwary – sent a jet of ice-cold sea water . . . well, never mind.

As well as the water activities, we likely lads also trekked over the Cairngorms and struggled through snow and frozen heather from one derelict bothie to another – I guess most of us were too young, fit and silly to know it should have been hard going! Good fun, none the less, and a welcome break from an engineering apprenticeship.

I took a particular interest in knots and lines, teaching both fire brigade members and son/grandson when they took up sailing – I sailed and raced a 16’ catamaran, not too seriously, although my son sailed very successfully at National, European and World Championship level and grandson is at Plymouth Uni studying Bsc Marine Science (Ocean Yachting) – where I think the 3 routes at the end of 4 years are either superyacht skipper, merchant navy officer – or beach bum!

Did the Sea School influence me? Certainly in many ways, especially looking back, I enjoyed every minute of it (I think!)

Unfortunately, I have no recollection of taking any photos, nor kept a diary/journal which might have been a help. And being 73 years old (dammit) I can’t remember any names or faces of the staff or other lads.

Best wishes,

Geoff Wright