Fay Cutress (Wood)
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Fay Cutress (Wood) - Rhowniar, Wales, 1985

I have attended two of your courses, one at Rhowniar and one as part of the City Challenge.

The first was at Rhowniar in August 1985 for a 21 day course. The course leader for my group was Claire Greenwood. We had a fantastic time walking the hills, canoeing and gorgewalking amongst other things. I was lucky enough to be sponsored by the Rank Foundation from the Birmingham area. The second course I attended was also sponsored by the Rank Foundation and was a City Challenge course based in Newcastle with Rod Cole and course leader. I went on City Challenge in August 1987.

As a family we used to have our family holidays every year at Aberdovey and whenever possible we always attended the 'Open Days' that were held at Rhowniar. We were actually on holiday in Aberdovey when I found out that I had got a place on the course and that it was going to be funded by the Rank Foundation.

As a result of going on the City Challenge course I had the opportunity to go with one of my city challenge placements to a Centre called Bendrigg Logde, Old Hutton, Cumbria, where I ended up working as a vounteer during my holidays over a 10 year period.

Following on from my City Challenge Course which was in Newcastle I went with the Newcastle PHAB club to Bendrigg Lodge as a volunteer to help with their PHAB Club Holiday. As a result of this experience, I went back to Bendrigg (a outdoor activity centre on the outskirts of the Lake District whch specialises in holidays for disabled and disadvantaged people) as a volunteer for many years. I met my husband at the centre during one of my first trips. We now live near the Lake District and are enjoying introducing our two boys to the delights of canoeing, caving, climbing, walking and archery!

I have a lot to thank Outward Bound and the Rank Foundation for.