Douglas Dudley-Ward
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Douglas Dudley-Ward - Aberdovey, Wales, 1946

I was privileged to attend Course 7 (26th October -21st November 1946) at OBSS Aberdovey. Alfred Holt & Co, Liverpool sponsored several of its young male staff to attend. Indeed Mr Laurence Holt was a pioneer in setting up the organisation.

I am now 81 and can remember most vividly the 07 00hr daily cold shower and all the other "fiendish" things they did to you! Lessons that stood one in good stead for a future life of 45 years in the shipping industry.

Above is a photograph of my Course 7 - who could ever forget Mr Zimmerman, Capt. Fuller and his motley crew who kept us young "Turks" in check?!

The Outward Bound concept lasts for a lifetime and at 81 I often think of those exciting and challenging days at Aberdovey. I am so glad that your hard work is being recognised! Long may you have continued success!

(Douglas Dudley-Ward kindly sent us his memories and we have posted extracts from his letter to the site with his permission)