Derek Mcmann
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Derek Mcmann - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1978

November 1978 , went on this course through a placement at construction college (CITB) in Norfolk , after travelling from Fife.
Spent 3 weeks at Eskdale and have never forgotten it ! Was a time of my life with no direction but came away feeling i had acheived so much in short space of time and knew that with some determination and self belief you could do whatever you could put youre mind to. Highlights for me were the team spirit with the group i was in , ( got chosen as patrol vice captain ),but also the orienteering event (came first ) absailing off a cliff, but probably most memorable was singing "flower of scotland" while comeing to the end of our hill climb, over 3 days i think it was, in some horendous weather (november in the Lakes) to keep my spirits up , and any one else in the team who was there , and who could forget the cold shower at 6 in the morning !, All in All 3 weeks of my life i have never forgotton for all the right reasons and gave me a confidence about myself through the last 40 years i may not have found.