David Telfer
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David Telfer - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1957

As I was never an athlete, being at the time a little overweight as well, I found the course to be too much centred on athletic ability. What on earth that had to do with working in a budding supermarket, one of the first of its kind, still escapes me to this day. So I have never been able to understand why being able to run a mile quite quickly or ditto walk ten miles, could be a judge of anybody's ability to be a shop manager. I came away from the Outward Bound centre at Moray Sea School with a middle of the road grade and to this day think it was a total and absolute waste of time and money, thankfully not mine. Knowing what I now do I have to say that if I was an employer I would never even think of sending promising youngsters to a place such as that.