David Surtees
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David Surtees - Aberdovey, Wales, 1962

I attended Aberdovey in Sept/Oct 1962, if a failing memory serves me correctly, prior to joining the Merchant Navy. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and feel that it helped me to stand on my own feet. If I remember correctly I was in FISHER watch at the time. In those days , you had to be down at the Estuary for a cold water dip first thing. My specialty activity was Rock Climbing and I vividly remember our expedition to Snowdon, especially the morning we set out by train. We had a couple of hours to wait for the train so our Instructor decided that we might as well do our 2 mile run while we waited. No
comment. The rest of the week it rained from when we finally broke camp at CROESOR until we came over the hill above the School three days later, leaving me with the distinct impression that Wales was the biggest bog in England. I only joke there because I think it is a beautiful country and have spent a lot of happy holidays there.