David Peters
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David Peters - Aberdovey, Wales, 1954

I attended the Outward Bound Sea School, Aberdovey on the 139 Course (Fisher Watch) between May 22nd - June 17th 1954 (I was about 16 years of age then) - and I still have my metal lapel badge.

I benefited mentally and physically from attending the course which helped through my working and sporting activities. I did well at work, becoming a Director at a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco and I also played rugby for Bath 1st XV (about 30 games 1st XV games during 1958-1961.

I also still have my certificate from the course (above) which was signed by the Warden, the athletics officer and the Bursar, dated 16th June 1954.

I am now 72 years of age (73 in October) and am a happy Husband, Father and Grandfather.

(Mr Peters kindly sent us his story and we have published extracts on the Generations website with his permission.)